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SEO NYCWebsite SEO NYC, website optimization, search engine submission, NYC search engine marketing, keywords research, niche search engine marketing, FWC offer all this services and more to companies in a wide range of industries to help them achieve an increasing number of visits, and improving the website conversion rate.

Web site SEO NYCIn Flat World Communication we are web site optimiztion experts, SEO NYC is a team of SEO experts who specialize in the NYC area, our services include a deep website analysis (if the website already exist) or a technology consultation for your future website, a deep market analysis to understand how the clients market-search for the services in the search engine, specially in New York City ( NYC), a keyword and keyphrase analysis service to find those most relevant and less competitive keywords to be used in the NYC web site, web site code improvements, keywords density analysis, website architecture analysis and code optimization.

All this analysis and work in the website code will result in a long term web site SEO NYC strategy to position the websites in top results for NYC SEO searches, but FWC services doesn't stop there. Our experts will plan a SEO NYC marketing plan to generate instant traffic to the website by creating an aggressive campaign on the Internet to take advantage of your website today until the organic optimization for SEO NYC takes it forms during the work's initial month.

Our web service called SEO NYC pack include a constant audit of the positioning of your website pages and constant work to keep them in the engines first pages, applying new white hat technologies, developing a link building campaign, generating relevant optimized content, and planing and managing your social media presence.

FWC web site SEO NYC Best Practices:

1- Content is "King" in SEO NYC:

• Unique content (text) on the website is the most important factor for ranking on search engines.

• Develop new content targeting different keywords.

• Minimize the use of flash/images for displaying text (like headers).

• Content needs to be positioned with optimum keyword density, keyword prominence, and keyword proximity.

• Promoting a forum will also help us generating "automatic content" on the website.

2- Link Popularity is "Queen":

• The number and quality of links pointing to the website is also considered important. Link popularity plays an important role in rankings on Google.

• Various methods to obtain links to the website include:

o Directory Submissions

o Press Coverage

o Forum/Blog Participation

o Actively seek links from other web masters. (Triangular linking)

o Article Syndication

o RSS Feed Syndication

3- On-Page optimization for SEO NYC service pack:

• Clean HTML: Helps the Search Engine crawlers to understand the website appropriately. The site should pass W3 validation test at

• Title Tag (Meta Tag): Most important tag both for search engines and visitors. This is what leads a searcher to click on our link and visit our site from the search results page.

• Header Tags (H1 to H6): Again important for both search engines and visitors. The main keywords of the page should be included in this tag. No images – but we can style using style sheets.

• Description Tag (Meta Tag): Optimized properly, this is what the visitors will see in the description in the search results page. Include keywords and catchy phrases to attract the visitors.

• Keywords Tag (Meta Tag): Many SEO professionals almost ignore this tag. But proper use of this tag will get us best results. Using this tag, we can develop a keyword structure to the entire website which will help us with rankings for the overall site. The development of this structure is an integral part of initial keyword research and the overall SEO strategy of the website. Require professional assistance.

• Alt Tags: Wherever images are used, appropriate alt tags need to be placed.

• Highlighted Text: The main keywords of the page need to be highlighted using bold, italic, underline etc. Not a must.

4- Internal Linking Structure:

• This will be defined from the initial keyword research and overall strategy of the website. This will also help in developing the keyword structure for the website.

• The links should be text links – no image links, no flash links, and no java script links.

• Develop a site guide with text links and absolute URLs

• Search Engine friendly URL- naming system such as:

o The ideal URLs should be something like: and

o Second, keeping URLs as close to root (domain) as possible will help the pages get crawled more frequently, especially new pages.

o Third, there is a slightly higher click-through rate in the natural search results on shorter URLs. There are many theories as to why, but it is a fact that we see – people like to click on links they can "read" vs. incomprehensible scrambled letters and numbers that often appear from database-driven sites.

o Any finally, with respect to the "link-building" element of SEO, which is a critical piece as we discuss in Section 2, sites are more likely to link to a short, text-friendly URL than a long URL. And when they do link, which helps your "link popularity", in cases where they don't use anchor text to describe the link, then at least the term is in the URL, which will count towards anchor text relevancy.

5- Search Engine Submissions

• XML Sitemaps for Google; RSS feeds for Yahoo; and manual submission to MSN for all URLs on the website. Google and MSN will normally pick up URLs if we have a good linking structure.

• Submit the home page to other minor search engines. Traffi c generated through the smaller ones is so small that the time spent on submitting all URLs may not be worth.

6- Key Success Factor:

• Initial keyword research and strategy is the key for the success on search engines. Each website is unique and the strategy also needs to be unique. A long term strategy plays an important role as the search engine algorithms keep changing regularly. The strategy will drive all other efforts in SEO.

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