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ASD Superyacht Website Released

FWC just delivered the first version of website. This new site was created specially to target a difficult niche on the superyacht market. After a long and exhaustive work on the project competitive analysis, FWC found a small breach in the market to introduce this complex product and service.

FWC #1 Agency in Miami

FWC #1 Agency in Miami -

We wanted to specially thank the team at Agency List ( for selecting Flat World Communication LLC as the top advertising agency in Miami.

FWC team is constatly breaking the barriers of communication and technology to offer our clients the most effective cross media campaigns for their products or services, adapting the strategy to the company budget but at the same time achieving the goals set for the campaigns.



TV Advertising, Video Production, Post-Production

FWC video experts are specialized in 2d and 3d animation, video production, 2D productions, 3D rendering, hyperrealistic worlds and environments, postproduction, titles, after effects, TV branding, program intros, endings and bumpers, and a lot more is the work of our video team.

Video production and post production, no matter the size of your project contact us and we will offer you the best posibilities withing your budget.

3D Medical Animation

Our 3D medical animation experts can create breathtaking movies for medical presentations, product demonstrations, medical elearning and education, all our animators work over physically accurate models to represent movements, muscles, fluids and any other need.

Food packaging design

Food Packaging Design

Food packaging design requires a combination of skills. On one hand, professional Food packaging specialists need to know how to create designs that coordinate with the client's branding strategy. On the other hand, food package design must contain important information about the food's ingredients and nutrition.

The Importance of Professional Food packaging Design In most cases, the type of Food packaging design that a company uses can have a significant impact on whether a product sells successfully. The most successful products incorporate elements of good design, environmentally friendly packaging for food and drink, and important information that helps consumers make good decisions. Our designers also consider what types of protection your food items will need to preserve them during shipment and on the grocery shelf. The fresher your product is, the more consumers will enjoy it.

The Food packaging design experts at Flat World Communication approach each project by first gaining a deep understanding of the product. This allows them to create professional designs that will capture the target market with an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Whether making custom plastic small Food packaging or eco friendly Food packaging, they always start by studying the product.

Corporate Identities and Branding Services

Corporate Identities and Branding Services

Corporate Image for companies, products brand design, logos and corporate communication pieces, products packaging, pop material, and more are part of our corporate services.

We have a passion for corporate communication, we been working with big companies for years like Oracle, Pepsico, Unilever, Deuts Fhar, Samsung among others, and also with very small clients like Tierras del Sol in Tulum, Mexico, or Chubasco Charters, in the Bahamas.

All our corporate services are controlled by a strict quality procedures and checking, assuring the quality of the final work. Every project is considered unique an it follow our own design protocol that prevents common misunderstanding that causes loss in quality and loss in time. Starting with a complete projects brief, we follow with the proper quotation and business contract, once approved and signed the marketing experts study the brief and plan a strategy, the teams start to work, designers, photographers, animators, programers, etc. all leaded by a project leader. The work done goes through a quality checking process by the quality responsible, and deliver to the client.

Medical graphic design

Medical graphic design and Pharmaceutical Graphic Design

The digital world is changing the way we communicate and sell, and the medical graphic design and medicine graphic design sector is not the exception.

Nowadays, the medical design industry is demanding medicine graphic design to present the new advances and services in the field that can improve people's quality of life and health. At its heart, medical graphic design has become both a communication vehicle and a very powerful medical marketing medium.

Medical Graphic Design

FWC offers solutions in Medical Graphic Design and Medicine Graphic Design, to reach consumers in a timely, relevant, personal and cost-effective manner. Firstly, we coordinate a tailor-made service to select the tools and platforms that we will use to get to your consumers. We work with a wide variety of graphic design items: medical brochures, banners, medical papers, annual reports, medical magazines design, commercial publications, logos and medical product packaging design..

Experience in the Pharma / Healthcare Design Market

Since our inception we have been working in the Pharma / Healthcare Graphic Design market, starting with product branding and packaging design and evolving to product marketing, POP, medical web design, building web communities, and today we specialize in building new businesses based on their web presence, analyzing the market, identifying the niche for the product and planning a strategy with clear goals to accomplish.

Engineering Brochure Design

Engineering Brochure - Design of Engineering Brochures

For the last 20 years FWC has been creating and designing Engineering Brochures for Engineering Consulting companies in USA and the world, created by the experienced profesional design team at FWC. The Engineering Brochure Design is a state of the art communication piece that represents the brand identity of the company delivering at the same time a clear message in an outstanding graphic design.

Flat World Communication graphic design services for engineering companies include:

  • Projects Branding

  • Projects presentation

  • Projects video productions

  • Projects 3D Animations

  • Projects 3D Renderings

  • Projects 2D Animation

  • Projects Photography

  • Projects Models

  • Projects events material (Stands, Displays, Portable popup displays)

  • Projects Brochures and books

  • Projects Websites

  • Projects Marketing Campaigns

  • Projects Infographics