Corporate logo star

Having a corporate logo star is one of the most important things for achieving a brand success. Clients will identify and remember our company mostly by its logo. Having understandood this, we need to design something according to our corporate identity project.

First of all, a corporate logo star needs a review about the company we┬┤re working with. As in Journalism, the WH questions system can help:

  • What is the product? this requires having the current and available information about it.
  • Who are we working with? who are our clients and who will be our customers.
  • When are we developing our project? in which time context we need to be focused on.
  • Where is our corporate logo star expected to be? what materials and tools will be used to show the logo and in which surface will be displaced.
  • Why are we designing this logo? the meaning of its content has to be a purpose.

A corporate logo star also needs good images, creative content and great combination of available elements.

In Flat World Communication we focus on the development of corporate identity for companies. We create Corporate logo star, which is designed to accord with and facilitate the attainment of business objectives.

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