Corporate identity bureau

A Corporate identity bureau looks forward to developing an image, an identity that reflects the soul of your company. As a bureau, the main idea is to work as a group on a creative and defined process where ideas can flow around the best option for a company.

In this sense, designers, marketers and other professionals shape the identity, something that will give a solid beginning to other professionals to follow the path in other areas. A corporate identity bureau also works with the members of the management board, who define in the end the best option for logos, branding and other specific details.

There´s a phrase that says that when a person knows where it is also knows where it goes. And this applies also for companies. That´s the answer a corporate identity bureau gives.

In Flat World Communication we work as a Corporate identity bureau, as we focus on the development of corporate identity for companies, to facilitate the attainment of business objectives.


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