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Medical pack design 610 sistrim

With many awards and 20 years of experience in the medical design field, FWC team has both the expertise and the creativity to reach any goal your business might have. We have worked with giants of the medical field such as Parke-Davis Labs, Pfizer Labs, Glaxo Labs, among others.

Years of experience have enabled our designers to give free reign to their imagination to create practical and useful yet also eye-catching pieces characterized by their simplicity and their effectiveness in communicating the client's message. The medical world is no exception, and medical design has evolved into its own market. A market where imagination and originality are not enough, and experience and knowledge should also be thrown in the mix to be able to achieve an outstanding medical design.

Our Service for the Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry:

  • OTC Marketing & Design

  • BTC Marketing & Design

  • Branding

  • Packaging

  • POP

  • Graphic Design

  • Web Design & Development

  • Mobile Application Development

  • Industrial Design

  • Video Productions

  • Events Branding & Design

FWC's team of professionals have been working for the pharmaceutical industry for more than 20 years. Offering expert services in all areas related to the creation and design of innovative marketing campaigns including traditional and digital strategies.

FWC offers a 360 services, a full suite of experts in all related to the pharmaceutical industry needs in term of communication, design, and education.

Work for laboratories and institutions like Pfizer, Glaxo, Parke-Davis, Bayer and many others can be found in our portfolio.

Medical & Pharmaceutical Design Portfolio

Medical Illustration design 610-2
Medical Illustration design 610
Medical pack design-610 Pervinox
Medical App Design-610-3
Web design 610-Atlantic
Medical pack design-610 Evatest
Medical App Design-610
Medical pack design-610 3.3
Pack design 610-Udose
Medical Illustration design 610-3
Corporate Identity 610-CMSA
Medical Advertising Design-610
Medical Web Design 610
Corporate Identity 610-CMSA Mobile2
Medical pack design-610 Mylanta 4
Medical pack design-610 Phoenix
Medical pack design-610 szabo
Medical Illustration design 610-5
Medical App Design-610-2
Medical pack design-610 Mylanta 2
Medical Advertising Design-610-2
Medical Advertising Design-610-4
Medical pack design-610 Cedric
Medical Illustration design 610-4
Medical pack design-610 3
Corporate Identity 610-CMSA brand
Medical-Graphic design 610
Medical pack design-610 Benadril
Medical Illustration design 610-7
Medical pack design-610 gingco
Medical Infographic design 610
Medical Elearning Development-610
Pack design 610-Udose-2
Medical-Graphic design 610-2
Medical App Design-610-6
Corporate Identity 610-CMSA2
Medical Web Design 610 2
Medical Illustration design 610-6
Corporate Identity 610-CMSA atl2
Medical pack design-610 Fullgrip
Medical App Design-610-5
Medical Pack design 610
Medical pack design-610 Mylanta 3
Medical 3D Animation-610
Corporate Identity 610-CMSA atl
Medical pack design-610 Mylanta 5
Medical pack design-610 Mylanta
Medical pack design-610 3,2
Medical pack design-610 Ginelea
Medical pack design-610 cellulite
Medical Advertising Design-610-3
Medical pack design-610 Phoenix Lagrimas
Corporate Identity 610-CMSA Mobile
Medical pack design-610 sistrim
Medical Advertising Design-610-5
Medical pack design-610 2
Medical App Design-610-4

About FWC

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Flat World Communication LLC is a state-of–the-art media marketing and design agency, with offices in Miami (USA), Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Bogota (Colombia) and partners in Dublin (Ireland), and Madrid (Spain). For the last 20 years, the company has provided creative solutions to clients around the world in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, and medical field. Offering its expertise in Marketing, Graphic Design, Web Design and Web Development to a growing list of clients.

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FWC Medical and Pharmaceutical Clients

Here we present a small selection from our clients that trust their medical packaging design, branding, and marketing pieces on FWC

Atlantic Biologicals
Merck Serono
Boehringer Ingelheim
glaxo smith kline