About Us

Flat World Communication LLC is a state-of–the-art media marketing and design agency, with offices in Miami (USA), Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Bogota (Colombia) and partners in Dublin (Ireland), Madrid (Spain) and Mexico City (Mexico). For the last 20 years the company has provided creative solutions to clients around the world, offering its expertise in Marketing, Graphic Design, Web Design and Web Development to a constant growing list of clients.

Flat World Communication LLC is the evolution of the first design house established by Pablo Ferrero by the year 1995. After a trip around the world and working as a Graphic Designer in different cultures across the globe, he opened his first design studio with the initial plan to keep working with the people he met during his trip in three different continents.

The company grew with the evolution of new technologies, establishing new working processes and taking the advantages of teleworking and remote team structures, having a constant growing curve and a good crisis support for these unstable times. Flat World Communication LLC started taking its final form by the year 2003, and today the company is established and has offices and partners in Florida, Dublin, Madrid, Mexico City, Bogota and Buenos Aires, and clients in more than 10 countries in three different continents.

Starting as a design house, the team grew over the years and now FWC offers full marketing and advertising services covering nearly all the media, but keeping its original design taste through every project. This effort was recognized by several awards, recognitions and mentions in prestigious publications in several countries.


FWC offices and partners location.

FWC Locations Map


Why work with FWC?

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Years of Experience

We think that an expert is the one who has made all the possible mistakes in his matter.

After 20 year we have achieved this position, and all this experience is an add-on that not too many agencies can offer.


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Global Team

Our strategic team locations can offer us several advantages:
- Saving time because of the extended working hours we can achieve through our different offices.
- Cost advantages by having expert in-house teams with an hourly rate lower than in the US.
- Multicultural and Multilingual teams that can offer a fresh approach to projects.
- Local experts for the multinational clients.


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Complete All Inclusive Service

FWC team includes some of the most knowledgeable members in different areas, all of them in-house, allowing us to have instant communication between our creatives, designers, developers, writers, videographers, etc.

Projects are done from day one till delivery in-house by this multidisciplinary team, adding a special value during the creation process. Having the experts in the same table make us work fast, prevent problems, and extend the team creativity to a special level.


Areas of expertise

During the past 20 years, in FWC we did countless projects: Newspapers' websites, University portals and eLearning platforms and courses, Laboratory Brands and product lines, large eCommerce websites, Magazines and digital magazines, mobile apps, infographics, small adds to large campaigns, etc. But we can say our greater experience is in the following fields:





Awards and Recognitions

During the last 20 years work done by FWC has been recognized with several awards and has been published by renowned specialized media around the world.

  1. Yahoo website of the monthFor ELDDB.com
  2. Best News Website by GrippoFor ELDDB.com
  3. Best Graphic Design WorkSpecial Mention by Graphis NY
  4. Best Tourism Website of the YearThe Bahamas Tourism Office
  5. Best Illustration Work by Graphis NY
  6. Visualization and Intelligent DesignSpecial mention in the book
  7. Shakespear Studio Design Special mention
  8. Book CacarearSpecial mention




Clients from the Pharma Industry

pfizerglaxo smith klineBoehringer IngelheimMerck SeronoDupontRoche
OsmoticaUDoseAtlantic BiologicalsNAS