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As a professional Web Design company in Miami, FWC offers a variety of services to make sure your website turns into a successful business online.

We pay close attention to how search engines position your website and we plan an optimization strategy targeted specifically for your market with the goal to achieve Google number one position for your products or services. FWC is specialized in building successful online business.

Contact us to know more about our Web Design, Web Development and Web Maintenance & Support services. Our team will be happy to attend to your request.

 FWC Web Design Service

Web developmentSince the year 1992 we have designed hundreds of websites and have gained special expertise in the field as we have grown together with the internet. This is why we know the little secrets that make a website succeed or fail in todays competitive market.

Every project is considered unique and as communicators we know that every market is different from the others. We start every project with an analysis of the competition, as knowing the field and the competitors is key to the success of the project. This information is used to plan a strategy with a clear goal, and passed on that strategy the website architecture is designed, coded and optimized.

Our services includes:

  • Web Competitive Analysis
  • Web Strategy Planing
  • Website Architecture
  • Website Graphic Design
  • Website Development
  • Website Copy Writing
  • Image and Photo Retouching
  • Image Production and Purchasing
  • Illustration
  • Video Production, Postproduction, Editing and Optimization.
  • Website SEO Optimization
  • Website Deployment
  • After Deployment Support
  • SEO/SEM Campaigns
  • Social Medias Strategies
  • Community Manager Services


Areas of expertise in web design and development

Websites and Web Portals Design

Web DesignSince 1992 we have been creating and designing web portals for small and large companies in three different continents. No matter the size of your project we can offer you valuable advice during the creation, production and administration of your website.

All our web portals run over the latest technology and are regularly updated to keep providing our clients with the best results during their life. CMSs (Content Management System) are used to provide our clients an easy interface to manage and update their portals.

Different technologies are being used depending on the needs of each project. Later in this article you will find a brief description of the most commonly used systems.

We do Corporate Websites, Product Websites, Tourism Websites, Celebrities Websites, Media Websites, Magazines, Intranets, Survey portals and more. You will find reference to all this work in these pages and in the different sections of this website.

A few samples of our work:






Ecommerce Design and Development

eCommerce Web DesignFrom a few products to thousands of them were built and designed by our team. Technologies like Magento, Prestashop, Virtuemart and many other tools are being used to create successful ecommerce portals. Creating a successful ecommerce is one of the most difficult tasks in internet today. The processes we follow can guarantee the achievement of the planned goals of the project.

A few samples of ou work:




Elearning Design and Development

eLearning Web Design E-learning is a special tool for schools, universities, education institutions and corporations that need to effectively train their employees. FWC has developed elearning projects in Ireland, UK, Australia, Spain and in the United States and today, FWC manages the e-learning portals of two universities in the United States, the Millennia Atlantic University and the National Healthcare Institute.

Through our services we offer the elearning development usually built over the LMS Moodle, and the courses design, development and deployment. Our company also offers training in course administration for teachers and after deployment support.

A few samples of our work:




Quality Control

Through a strict protocol our team of professional Web Designers, Online Marketing Experts , SEO Strategists, Web Developers, and the rest of FWC team, including App Developers, Videographers, Illustrators, Writers and more, are organized through working processes that reduce the risk of failure in the deployment. Each of them works on its specific knowledge area led by a project manager that assures that the best results are achieved. In this way we can guarantee the high quality product.

With over 20 years of experience in the business, a huge number of successful jobs performed, international awards and an international network of offices and partners, we can offer our client an unmatched quality service.

We are looking forward to discuss your project! Contact us for a free consultation at +1 305 913 1337. We are waiting for you.



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