Graphic Design Services

Since our inception FWC has offered superior Graphic Design Services in Miami and Latin America, from its offices in Miami, Downtown; Bogota, Colombia; and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

As a Graphic Design team with over 20 years of experience we know that Graphic Design has become an essential component of effective marketing and communication strategies. Our years of experience and awards can guarantee our clients that we know well our business and that all this experience will be priceless at the moment of creating your next Brand, Annual Report, Campaign or Web Portal.

Today's businesses face the huge challenge of growing in a very competitive environment where they have to compete with organizations from all over the world, so they need strong graphic design campaigns, logos, and ads that help them stand out while communicating a concise corporate identity. Since most of today's businesses have websites, they also need creative branding and advertising techniques that take advantage of the Internet's most useful functions.


All of our representatives are available, and will be able to answer any of your doubts or concerns, as well as to give you useful advice and information for your projects and needs. Don't hesitate in calling us for a free consultation at +1 305 913 1337.