Event Identity Design

Organizing corporate events isn’t a simple task, as this kind of events have a direct impact on the corporate image and on the company sales and products. When it comes to organizing a corporate event it’s key not to forget that everything should be focused on what the event it’s meant to communicate, and that that needs to be aligned with the brand identity and the event purposes.

Having this in mind and assuring that you successfully achieve the communicational goals of your event is what we do. It’s not enough to spend a lot of money in an incredible reception, souvenirs or event promotional material, if you don’t manage to embed the desired message into your target audience’s mind. It’s necessary to carefully think of this, set a strategy and make a plan, so that every single element of the event, be a poster, a stand, displays, etc., unavoidably but powerfully transmits the message to your target.

“The most successful event is the one that achieves your goals and exceeds your expectations”

In FWC we help you achieving this. We work thoroughly on the event design and marketing strategy and once both developed they both build the identity of the event, matching always your brand’s.

But how we do it?

First, we work side by side with you to clearly state the message you want to communicate during the event. Once this is stated, we work on the communicational idea itself and will offer you several creative ways of transmitting it. Once all of these key aspects are decided, we develop the design and marketing strategy and set up a plan to have all the marketing materials of the event done on time. You will be able to be part of the whole process and at every decision making moment so that the event meets the business needs and goes just as you imagined.

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