Magazine Design and Publishing

Magazine Design isn’t only about creating an eye-catching cover page, choosing the best typography or knowing how to manage text hyphenation. Real magazine design goes further and takes into consideration a greater number of variables.

But what makes a great design great?

1st of all, usability. When the design is good, it’s not the reader the one who decides which section is going to be read first. It’s the magazine itself the one who takes the reader through its pages from one article to another from the moment eye contact is established. In FWC, expert graphic designers with over 15 years of experience will help you through that process.

Another thing at most important comes when publishing. What kind of paper is the one correct for your magazine? What about the printing technology? In FWC we know all the tactical and strategic insights to let you reach your audience in the best conditions.

But why is FWC the right choice?

FWC has had a deep relationship with the editorial business for 15 years. Since then, the design team has designed magazines for companies and commercial editorials from all over the world. Not only that. The vast experience in this field, has encouraged FWC to start developing an editorial workflow system that manages all the process of creating a new magazine for remote teams. So it’s not necessary to meet face to face, not even to live on the same country, as this system allows both parts to work together remotely. In addition, our bilingual team can work in English the same as in Spanish, which enables the possibility of publishing multilingual magazines or even producing the same publication in both languages, which in turn would be reducing production time and costs.

Today FWC services include a complete magazine design service, from content writing to graphic design and printing. Our publications have been published in different countries and different languages, including Ireland, England, USA and Spain, just to name a few.

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