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Graphic Design Portfolio - Miami Design Agency

As an agency with over 20 years of life our design porfolio includes hundreds of pieces of work, we sellected just a few to make a quick presentation of our work. Please feel free to contact us to the number or email that can be found at the top of this web page if you have any enquiry for a specific type of design work.

Editorial and magazine design for NAVIS Luxury Yacht Magazine

Magazine Cover Design for NAVIS Luxury Yacht Magazine

Editorial Design for Outsider Magazine

Magazine Cover Design for Outsider Magazine

Printed Product Catalog Design

Advertising Design for TAI Ireland

Ad Graphic Design for Christian Roth

Magazine Ad Graphic Design for JC Dhien

NAVIS Magazine Corporate Identity Design - Magazine Ad Design

CMSA Event Identity and Graphic Design of all communication pieces for the event.

MTC Corporate Identity Design

Corporate Identity Design for IDB Holland

Corporate Identity Design Generagro

Product Identity Design and Software User Interface Design for Beyond Encryption

EZCD Product Presentation Design

Avera Corporate Identity Design

Graphic Design Infographic for the American Breast Cancer Association



Over 20 years of Web Design, Graphic Design and Marketing

Since our inception in 1995 Flat World Communication had gain a notorious position between the top Web Design , Graphic Design and Marketing Companies in Florida. During all this years numerous awards and recognitions had certified the quality of the creativity and work produced by FWC.

We invite you to navigate our new website, we are sure you will find what you are looking for, Brands, logos, may be brochures or magazines, or websites and eLearning portals. If you cant find it simple contact us by calling +1 305 913 1337 or send us an email, we will respond in less that 24h and a representative will be pleased with offer you advice on your new project.


Advertising Miami - infographic design for the Breast Cancer Association of America


Identity, Poster, Brochure and Event design for CMSA 

Magazine ad designed for FWC Luxury

Advertising: Ad design for JC Dhien

Advertising: Ad design for JC Dhien.

Corporate Identity Design for ATC

Event Identity Design for CMSA

Corporate Identity Design for IDB

Corporate Identity Design for Generagro

Corporate Identity Design for Wild Atlantic Ways Tours.

Corporate Identity Design for Wellforus.com

Web Design, eCommerce Development and eLearning Development for NHI

Magazine Design for Free Wheel magazine

Editorial Design for GreenDay Magazine

Editorial design and publishing production for NAVIS.

Engineering Design for Metromaps

Graphic design for Oracle

Graphic Design for Beauty Gift Ireland

Illustration for PowerTeens Line.

Textile Pattern Design for StarBlu

Textile Pattern Design for StarBlu

Medical Pack Design, Medical Product Kit Design

Medical Packaging Design

POP Design: Point of purchase packaging for medical products

Retail Packaging design - Retail custom box design

Blister Packaging Design for PurityCup

Special and custom Packaging Design for Bols - Gift Box

Whisky Box Design: Packaging Design for OldSmugler

BTC Packaging Box Design for Udose

iPad application development and design for NAVIS Magazine

Mobile App Development for CEVault

iPhone App Development for Wound2Note


Graphic Design Services

Since our inception FWC has offered superior Graphic Design Services in Miami and Latin America, from its offices in Miami, Downtown; Bogota, Colombia; and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

As a Graphic Design team with over 20 years of experience we know that Graphic Design has become an essential component of effective marketing and communication strategies. Our years of experience and awards can guarantee our clients that we know well our business and that all this experience will be priceless at the moment of creating your next Brand, Annual Report, Campaign or Web Portal.

Today's businesses face the huge challenge of growing in a very competitive environment where they have to compete with organizations from all over the world, so they need strong graphic design campaigns, logos, and ads that help them stand out while communicating a concise corporate identity. Since most of today's businesses have websites, they also need creative branding and advertising techniques that take advantage of the Internet's most useful functions.

Web Design

As a professional Web Design company in Miami, FWC offers a variety of services to make sure your website turns into a successful business online.

We pay close attention to how search engines position your website and we plan an optimization strategy targeted specifically for your market with the goal to achieve Google number one position for your products or services. FWC is specialized in building successful online business.

Contact us to know more about our Web Design, Web Development and Web Maintenance & Support services. Our team will be happy to attend to your request.

Google Certified Partner, Miami

FWC - Miami Google Adwords Certify Individual

Google had recognized Pablo Ferrero, director of Flat World Communication LLC for his work and experience in running online marketing campaigns on Google Organic and Google Adwords platforms achiving outstanding results.

This recognition had been given to Mr. Pablo Ferrero in August 2014 for his level of experience in marketing online over the Google platform for the past 15 years.

To verify this certification please click here to see Mr. Ferrero's page in the Google Partners portal.

FWC offer its clients all this experience in SEO and SEM, defining clear goals and positive ROI's for your online marketing campaigns.

Contact FWC at 305-913-1337 or by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a free consultation.

TV Video Productions Miami

Video productions for TV, Websites and Online Strategies

FWC video team has a vast experience in TV production. The work of our video team had taken us to different spots aroudn the world including the Unites States, Ireland, Monaco, Colombia, and Argentina. Our videos had been published in diffrent countries and languages, mainly English and spanish. 

Our expertise in this field allow us to offer unbeatable price and quality, having local teams working in Latin America, specially in Argentina allow is to reduce the price while maintaining the quality.

Our productions for viral strategies through social media give us an experience that cannot be found to often.

FWC offer your company all this experience and advantages for your next project, contact us for a free consultation.



3D Animation for Websites and Broadcast

FWC produce broadcast quality 3D animations. Today's communications require a multiplatform video that can be used in websites, viralized through social media, on TV or used in events and presentations. FWC knows how the market evolves and offer our clients adaptations of the videos used through the different medias without sacrifying quality.

The TV production team at FWC had managed projects in the United States, Europe and Latin America.

Our vast experience in Medical Video Production and 3D Animation for Laboratories and Medical Institutions, our work for the Industrial Design and Engeneering Industry, and our experience in TV advertising is a guarateen of the quality of our work.


Click here to visit the Video Production Section


From the following links you will be able to review some of our videos.



Web Design Services - Miami, FL



FWC is a web design company based in Miami, Florida with 20 years of experience in the web development field.

We specialize in Corporate Portals, Product Portals, eCommerce and eLearning.

As a web design company your success is our main goal, and we follow a strict protocol to achieve this. Every project starts with a market research and a competitive analysis. These two studies define the project strategy, the website architecture, the technology to be used, content and a SEO and SEM strategy with short and long term goals. From the first step of the project FWC clients understand the potential of the business and have a clear ROI for the investment.

Our work has been awarded several times as Best News Website by Yahoo for elddb.com, Best Tourism Web Portal of The Bahamas, Best Online Newspaper by Grippo and more.

We would like to offer you and your company our expertise in this field, as we have been developing websites since the year 1995 when everything was just starting and the .com bubble was still growing, and we continued doing it during all this years.

Our team of Web Developers, Graphic Designers, Online Strategist and SEO experts guarantee a quality work. We know that a successful website can't be done by only one person, and that's why at FWC multiple experts go after all the details making the difference between the success and the failure of an online project.

We invite your to read more about our web site design and development services.


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Editorials and Magazines Web DesignLaboratories Web Design and DevelopmentWeb Design and Development for Tourism ProviderseCommerce Web Design & DevelopmentOnline University Web Development - Moodle developersMedical Products Web Portals Design, Products MicrositeseLearning Web Development - Florida Moodle ExpertseCommerce Web Development

Web Design and Marketing for the Engineering Industry

Web Design and Marketing for the Engineering Industry

During the last 20 years FWC has been working in the Engineering Design market with small and large companies like DiCasa, Abertis, Dragados, Pérez Companc, Multiface Engineering, Gefran Italy, Sistemas Urbanos and IDB, Atlantic Biologicals, UDose and more. FWC also has a vast experience in medical engineering design and has worked with companies like Pentax Medical, Atlantic Diagnostics, Phoenix Labs and Glaxo Labs.

Ecommerce Web Development

Ecommerce Web Development

We develop eCommerce platforms and websites for large online portals with over 50k products to small single product microsites. Contact our experts in the eCommerce field for a free consultation about your project needs and the different solutions we can offer to your company.

Web and eLearning development for Schools and Universities

We specialize in web and learning development for Universities, Schools and education institutions around the world in order to improve their online presence opening new business opportunities on online education.

For the last 10 years we have been working in more than 5 countries on the Online Education Sector, developing the online platforms of more than 10 education institutions. Our expert developers and designers have gain a renowned expertise in developing integrated online portals, including corporate portals, students portals, eCommerce portals and online education portals. This system works together as a strong unified communication unit for the students and teachers, providing them with all the tools needed to succeed in their studies.

Moodle Experts in Miami

It is important to mention the level of expertise our team has achieved on the Moodle LMS platform. FWC members have developed on Moodle some of the most successful online schools and universities in the US and Latin America. Moodle Development, Moodle Support and Moodle Maintenance services are available for our clients not only in Miami but also in the rest of the world.

FWC online education services don't end just in the development process. Our creative, design and education teams work together in the process of creating new courses ensuring optimal results in the course interactivity and in the teaching performance. By using the latest technologies to get the attention of the students and make them succeed on their studies, by adding videos, interactivity, animations, illustrations, quizzes and more, we guarantee the student an engaging experience.

We offer our clients a complete service after deployment, offering them the training and support needed to take the most out of their new education platform.

Among our clients we don't only find Universities and Schools but also Corporations and Pharmaceutical Laboratories looking for training solutions for their teams. FWC offers them an all-inclusive service where all the steps of the creation of eLearning portals are included, from the first line of the code up to the last quiz of a course.

If you are interested in knowing more about our services in the education field please contact us.

Some samples of our work:

eLearning web development for NHI

relearning Development for MAU

ONLINE School development for Schoolfort.com

elearning development AAATuition

elearning development Mexicoelearning development Mexico2 610

elearning development Travelview 610

Medical Websites - Integrated Campaigns

Medical marketing campaigns, medical web design, medical logo, brochure and packaging design, medical branding and medical mobile app development are just some of the services that FWC has been offering over 20 years.

Medical and Pharma Industries are one of the most complex industries of the world. If you work with them, you realize that everything needs to be done carefully and in compliance with world wide health regulations. The reason for this is clear. Their products are made to be consumed by people, and intended to improve health, cure diseases, and in some cases even save people’s lives. When you understand this, it’s crystal clear why everything within these industries is done at extreme caution and under the toughest regulations.

Medical design tasks aren’t the exception to this and any graphic design company working for the medical and pharma industry should not disregard these premises. With many awards and 20 years of experience in the medical field, in FWC we know the high importance of keeping every design, whereas a marketing piece, a medical brochure, packaging, etc., under regulatory compliance.

To know more about the services we provide to the Medical and Pharma Industry please visit the following section of our website. Click here

Event Identity Design

Organizing corporate events isn’t a simple task, as this kind of events have a direct impact on the corporate image and on the company sales and products. When it comes to organizing a corporate event it’s key not to forget that everything should be focused on what the event it’s meant to communicate, and that that needs to be aligned with the brand identity and the event purposes.

Having this in mind and assuring that you successfully achieve the communicational goals of your event is what we do. It’s not enough to spend a lot of money in an incredible reception, souvenirs or event promotional material, if you don’t manage to embed the desired message into your target audience’s mind. It’s necessary to carefully think of this, set a strategy and make a plan, so that every single element of the event, be a poster, a stand, displays, etc., unavoidably but powerfully transmits the message to your target.

“The most successful event is the one that achieves your goals and exceeds your expectations”

In FWC we help you achieving this. We work thoroughly on the event design and marketing strategy and once both developed they both build the identity of the event, matching always your brand’s.

But how we do it?

First, we work side by side with you to clearly state the message you want to communicate during the event. Once this is stated, we work on the communicational idea itself and will offer you several creative ways of transmitting it. Once all of these key aspects are decided, we develop the design and marketing strategy and set up a plan to have all the marketing materials of the event done on time. You will be able to be part of the whole process and at every decision making moment so that the event meets the business needs and goes just as you imagined.

For more information please contact us or complete our online quotation request form. Click here

Web Design for Laboratories

As part of the medical and pharma industry, laboratories require a specialized expertise when it comes about web design, as they need to comply with the highest image standards more than in any other field. This is why a high quality medical website design becomes crucial in the development or improvement of any medical-related brand or business.

FWC has worked on medical web design for 20 years and labs like Bago, Phoenix, Pfizer, Glaxo, among many others have trusted in our graphic design team with high quality results.
Among the services we offer Medical Web Design services, Medical Web Competitive Analysis, eStrategy Planing, Medical Web Application Development, Medical e-commerce design, Medical E-learning, iPhone/iPad application development, SEO and many others are included, both in English and Spanish languages.

To know more about our services please check the following section of our website. Click here

Mobile Application Development

Since the first iPhone was released into the market as maybe one of the most important technological developments of our times, mobile market has exploded and mobile applications have become a massive growing phenomenon leading to the mobile world we know today. Fast paced life and the need of multitasking people and abilities, could only lead into multitasking devices and with it, mobile apps and mobile application development has turned into crucial tool for business purposes. For this reason, FWC has been working on this area for the last five years, gaining experience and perfecting the mobile app development process.

As a 360 degrees agency, with offices in Miami, Bogota, Buenos Aires and UK, we have plenty of experience in iPhone and iPad application development, with a deep knowledge in commercial and corporate apps as well as free apps development for all sorts of businesses and companies.

To know more about services we provide in this area, please visit the following section of our website. Click here

Magazine Design and Publishing

Magazine Design isn’t only about creating an eye-catching cover page, choosing the best typography or knowing how to manage text hyphenation. Real magazine design goes further and takes into consideration a greater number of variables.

But what makes a great design great?

1st of all, usability. When the design is good, it’s not the reader the one who decides which section is going to be read first. It’s the magazine itself the one who takes the reader through its pages from one article to another from the moment eye contact is established. In FWC, expert graphic designers with over 15 years of experience will help you through that process.

Another thing at most important comes when publishing. What kind of paper is the one correct for your magazine? What about the printing technology? In FWC we know all the tactical and strategic insights to let you reach your audience in the best conditions.

But why is FWC the right choice?

FWC has had a deep relationship with the editorial business for 15 years. Since then, the design team has designed magazines for companies and commercial editorials from all over the world. Not only that. The vast experience in this field, has encouraged FWC to start developing an editorial workflow system that manages all the process of creating a new magazine for remote teams. So it’s not necessary to meet face to face, not even to live on the same country, as this system allows both parts to work together remotely. In addition, our bilingual team can work in English the same as in Spanish, which enables the possibility of publishing multilingual magazines or even producing the same publication in both languages, which in turn would be reducing production time and costs.

Today FWC services include a complete magazine design service, from content writing to graphic design and printing. Our publications have been published in different countries and different languages, including Ireland, England, USA and Spain, just to name a few.

Contact FWC for more information, or request a quote completing the following form. Click here.

Social Media Management

When we talk about Social Media Management, it’s not just simple talking about having a facebook profile or a high number of followers in Twitter. Social Media Management has become a powerful tool for business and knowing the secrets of its language means striving through limits and gaining positions .

In FWC we know how to do this. We know how to turn your facebook fanpage into a well-known and highly visited website for clients looking for solutions. We know how to turn not only twitter but LinkedIn, Youtube, Stumbleupon and many other social media channels into powerful tools playing on your side to get your business to the next level.

But how does all of this work?

Every result you get in life, is directly proportional to the quality of the relationships that you develop

Simple. There’s nothing in this world, and specially nowadays, that in the end doesn’t rely on effective and good-quality communication. Whether we are talking about companies or non-profit organizations, about big enterprises or small family businesses, in the end, the success of almost any kind of entrepreneurship will last to one single element: the quality of the relationships you develop. Think of it.

Social media can be a very useful tool to share your company's personality, particular image and characteristic feel with the world.

Nowadays biggest companies of the world, like Apple or Google, have managed to enhance their communication strategy to improve their relationships not only with their clients but also with their employees, making of this communication focused way of working a day-by-day practice. They understand that social media can be a very useful strategy not only to share your company's personality, particular image and characteristic feel of the world, but to take deep care of every relationship that’s developed during businesses by simply watching that things are being clearly and effectively communicated at every step of the business and of the relationship. That’s the clue. In FWC we work to walk you through this process and offer you personalized design of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, etc, that helps you meet your goals.

For more information about our social media management services please contact us or complete our online quotation request form. Click here

TV Video Production

TV Comercials and Video Productions for the United States and Latin America.

The following TV Spot production was for a cosmetic company, shoot in South America for international broadcasting and viral strategy. 

If you are interested in our video production services contact us, +1 305 913 1337


Video BKD 3Video BKD 2Video BKD 1

Medical 3D Animation

At FWC we specialize in high quality and physically accurate medical animation for laboratories and medical institutions.

Video productions, animated infographics, motion graphics, processes' representations, product presentations and more are the different types of video animations we offer to the Pharma Industry.

In our database we have complete accurate human body models that can be used in any animation or 3D rendering for your company product or service.

For information about our medical video productions contact us and a representative will assist you with the project.

Here are a few samples of medical animations and illustrations.

Mobile App Development

During the last 5 years the expansion of mobile app development had reach nearly any business in the world. The massive use of smartphones and tables around the planet had exceeded the wealthy countries and today we are experiencing un unpresedented activity in the under developed countries also and regions in expansion.

This huge market is relatively new and ready to absorb what the creative minds can offer them. From simple games to complex language learning applications, the possibilities are limitless.

FWC had developed application in various fields, mainly app developments for the Tourism, Pharma and Editorial markets. We specialize in mobile app development for IOS where is our greatest strength but we also had experience over the Android platform.

As every project done by FWC, in the mobile app development field the design of the user experience is one of our top priorities. Every application follow a well designed process to achieve a unique, simple, fun an attractive user interphase. This is why our applications achieve top positions in the App Store in their target markets.

We invite you to review some of our latest projects include in the gallery in this same page.
For more information please contact FWC from "Contact Us" in the main menu.

We look forward to work with you and build the next mobile app success.



NAVIS App 610-2NAVIS App 610-3NAVIS App 610CEVault App 610Mobile App Dev CEVaultPro 610Mobile App Dev CMSA 610 2Mobile App Dev CMSAMobile App Dev Wound2Note 610Medical App Design 610 6Medical App Design 610 3