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Rapid Expansion in Florida elearning education

In the state of Florida, the number of students choosing online eLearning classes over traditional brick and mortar institutions is growing exponentially. Many established colleges and universities are turning to eLearning companies like FWC to help them provide popular courses of instruction designed to provide important, up-to-the-minute topics in today’s contemporary, high tech subjects.

It can be a challenge for schools to maintain a high quality program online. Many can attest to that fact, after investing a great deal of money and time in an eLearning program, only to be disappointed by the quality of the education. FWC is one of the few companies in Florida with roots of experience more than 20 years deep, providing superior education for online students.

Even before the turn of the century in the year 2000, FWC had already begun designing and publishing educational textbooks and materials. We followed by bringing some of the world’s first eLearning portals to the internet in 2003. Students can virtually attend online classes with flexible scheduling, earning online education credits from schools, universities and companies in the United States, the UK, Spain, Mexico, Australia, Morocco, Mauritius and many additional countries.

Millenia Atlantic University and the National Healthcare Institute have entrusted their eLearning portals to the FWC team for over five years.

FWC offers the following services to our eLearning clients:

• Custom eLearning solutions
• Interactive courses deployed on our eLearning portal
• Commercial eLearning platforms with integrated ecommerce.
• Expertise in Moodle LMS System
• Live technology classes with automatic storage in the eLearning video library
• SEM and SEO specially created for eLearning courses
• Expert support on Moodle LMS
• Post-deployment training on Moodle LMS
• Post-deployment support and maintenance services



Choosing a Trusted Florida eLearning Company

The online eLearning industry is growing at an enormous rate, fueled by the rapid global expansion of internet availability. As proof of the trends causing such overwhelming growth, consider the following:

• The eLearning business, worth $91 billion in 2012, is the fastest growing area of education.
• The demand for eLearning courses is predicted to increase 23% by 2017.
• Globally, 700 million individuals will lack the privilege of a basic education by the end of 2015.
• An 84 percent rise in the cost of traditional education since 1984, FWC eLearning offers a cost effective alternative.
• Global internet use has grown 870% to over 2.4 billion users since 2000.
• In Europe alone there are more than 3000 eLearning companies.
• In the US, the number of students who owned tablets has grown 257% in the past year.
• Online training or eLearning has been adopted by 40 percent of the Global Fortune 500 Companies.


Big or Small, eLearning Works for All

Equally effective and convenient for big corporations as well as small firms, eLearning is simply one of the best education options available, with FWC eLearning leading the pack in teaching useful skills and training productive employees. Newer technologies such as chat and social media are particularly compatible with E-learning, with FWC providing a wide range of options in courses, schedules, and levels of achievement.

Specialists in creating effective teaching methods, FWC ensures that students learn critical skills and important details without incurring the burdensome costs or suffering the scheduling problems of traditional educational institutions.

While it may never completely replace face-to-face classroom models, E-learning brings valuable opportunities that benefit both employers and employees, allowing students a flexible schedule to accommodate job responsibilities while enhancing employee value with advanced training and expanded capabilities.

FWC makes your eLearning projects relevant and useful, offering development products specifically tailored to client needs. The talented FWC team provides expert guidance, working with clients to create bespoke web-based learning programs, developing eLearning solutions for businesses, whether composed of 10, or 10,000 employees.

Call FWC at 305-913-1337 to talk with a representative about creating an eLearning solution for you. Then continue reading below to discover additional ways we may be of service as your premier online, eLearning resource.

In the following articles you can find usefull information about different topics related to eLearning.

E-learning companies

E-learning companies, improve your business skills

The way of enhancing knowledge through E-learning companies, improving business skills are many but mainly they can be described as a help for getting more knowledge about the things you need to strengthen. Why? Because E-learning is a different manner to connect your company team with that information you´re looking for.

When your company has a problem, to start with a new project or in another situation, training is an easy tool to perform solutions. E-learning companies for business skills bring together the question and the answer. Some of the most positive aspects are:

  • It reduces and saves time for learning as E-learning is available 24 hours and 7 days a week.
  • It saves also money as the costs are very reduced if we compare them to traditional learning solutions. E-learning companies for business skills provide a constant possibility of interaction.
  • It helps you to directly interact with more available information as it links them to your service. The wide range of knowledge can be really helpful to improve learning.
  • It is effective as it provides constant information and centralizes the given learning.

In this way, the business skills of your company team can actually improve. By working with E-learning companies for business skills the efforts made and the required goals will be accomplished.

Elearning companies in Miami, FL

Elearning companies in Miami, FL

Technology crawled its way into areas related to knowledge. Learning and using technologies aren't different things. It has been almost two decades since companies started using E-learning platforms but the potential of these platforms has increased exponentially in the past few years. Elearning companies have become a useful and tested method for gaining and sharing knowledge.

Are you looking for elearning companies in Florida?

FWC is an award wining agency based in Miami, Florida. With over 12 years of experience developing elearning solutions and courses for educational institutions in more that five countries, our company is one of the most experienced learning companies in the region.

Rapid eLearning development product

Rapid eLearning development product

The never-ending advances in the communication and technology sector produce an unavoidable change in the way we teach and learn. Hence, the education has to keep up and converge with these new platforms. These days, more and more institutions require a Rapid elearning development product.

The delivery of a learning, training or education program by electronic means involves the use of a computer or electronic device (e.g. a mobile phone). A Rapid elearning development product can include a wide variety of equipment such as Intranet systems, CD-ROM, DVD, multimedia software and wikis that can be used to study and learn in a virtual or remote way.

Among the benefits that can arise from a Rapid elearning development product we can name convenience and flexibility to learners, spread training out over extended periods of time, remain in one location, access public content such as webcasts or other course content.

In Flat World Communication we carry out Rapid elearning development product, so to engage participants in the exchange of ideas or information without the dependency of other participants involvement at the same time.