Medical Custom Brochures

The creation of Medical Brochures is an important tool for the communication between the laboratory, the doctors and the patients, in Flat World Communication we offer Medical custom brochures designs - brochures that communicate clearly with the target audience enhancing the brand communication through a personalized design process.

Our Experience in Medical Custom Brochures

With almost 20 years of experience in the medical and pharmaceutical custom brochure design market, we have the ability to give you exactly what you are looking for in a medical custom brochure. We will place our expertise and professionalism at your service while providing you with a high-quality product. We have worked with very well-known companies such as Bago Labs, Phoenix Labs, Pfizer Labs, American Healthcare Institute, Atlantic Diagnostics, among many others.

Our Difference

Flat World Communication offers a one of a kind process of medical custom brochure design. We have come to the creation of this process through years of experience with giants of the medical and pharmaceutical market. Our multicultural team of designers and communicators is located primarily in Miami, FL, with offices in Bogota and Buenos Aires for a completely cosmopolitan experience both in English or Spanish depending on each client's needs. Our clients get the best of different worlds in order to reach a wider audience and get stronger results.

The Medical Custom Brochures Design Process

Our medical custom brochures are designed following an internal design protocol that can guarantee that the final product is exactly what you need.

How does this process work? First, we run a project meeting with you, the client, to completely understand your needs, the target audience and the competition for the product. Second, we design two possible graphic looks of your new medical brochure, and we do three revisions until the design and content is perfect. Third, we finish the work on images and photo retouching, illustrations and any other elements that may be present in your design, and last, we leave the final art ready to be printed.

Through these three steps the medical brochure final piece has passed through at least 4 quality and content checks, with an active integration of the client through the process. The client participates actively in every step of the way.

After the medical custom brochure design process is finished, it's time for the printing process to start. In this final stage, we give the client the freedom to let us take care of this step and deliver the printed pieces directly to their address, or they can use their own printer and manage this step without our participation.

Together with the final art of your new brochure we will deliver a free PDF version ready for digital distribution, and, if you are interested, we can create an online version of your brochure in a website maintaining the same design style, thus creating a compact identity campaign across the two medias.

For more information regarding medical custom brochures, contact us.