Retail Packaging Box Design

Retail Packaging Box Design

Packaging box design is a fine art that combines not only the most professional graphic design skills but also expertise in the retail box design field. Consumers often associate a particular brand to its colors, its logo design and its packaging, so packaging box design is more than just finding a color scheme that works and coming up with creative package design – it has to do with brand development and brad recognition.

Flat World Communication has been in the graphic design business for almost 20 years and has evolved into an award winning 360° agency which has a lot of experience in retail packaging box design. We have created not only effective box designs but businesses around each product, which exponentially increases a company's exposure to its customers and its possibilities of growth.

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Our Experience in Packaging Box Design


FWC has created astounding packaging box designs for all sorts of businesses around the world. As regards the medical field, we have experience working with both BTC and OTC products, which have two very different design approaches due to the nature of each product. When working with laboratories, it's not just about the design of the box, but also about the design of the blister, the information pamphlet and the industrial design and the label design of the bottle. As experienced packaging designers, we have a comprehensive understanding of the nature of the products we are designing the packages for, and we will tailor our design process for each specific product and each specific client. We have worked with known companies such as: Bago Labs, Phoenix Labs, Pfizer Labs, Glaxo Labs, Parke-Davis Labs, and the American Healthcare Institute, among others.


In the retail field, the possibilities are endless. There is a lot to do in terms of food packaging design, toy packaging design, cleaning product packaging design, cosmetics packaging design, and we have worked with all of these products. Some of out biggest clients have been: Kraft, Unilever, Aqua Nu, among others.

If you are in need of a packaging designer, look no further. We're more than ready to take on your project with our four offices located in Miami, Bogota, Buenos Aires and Dublin. Our bilingual team of experts can – and will – take your business to new heights.

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