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If we take a look at the mobile application development market, we'll see that every day more apps are free. But this doesn't mean that businesses behind those applications are not getting money. How can this be? Because of free application development, a different marketing strategy for businesses has appeared that has proven to be more effective than regular apps sold at the App Store.

Before the trend of free application development blossomed, developers used to offer two types of applications, a free trial and a full app. A Free trial of an application allowed the user to interact or experience what the app had to offer for a limited amount of time or with limited access to its features. After the trial period expired, the user was given the option of purchasing the full app.

The main advantage of free application development over regular application development is that it gives your business a somewhat constant source of income. With free iPhone application development and free iPad application development your business won't be selling just an app, your app will be selling upgrades, tools and whatever you can think of.

Flat World Communication, a 360° ad agency based in Miami, FL, with over 5 years of experience in application development and 20 years in the graphic design business, has been the developer of choice for many businesses looking to enhance brand recognition, brand awareness and sales through free application development. A Spanish-English bilingual team is always ready to provide highly professional designs from their offices in Miami, Bogota, Buenos Aires and Dublin.

There are two types of free apps your business can benefit from through free app development:

Regular Free Application development

They can enhance brand awareness by offering benefits free of charge for customers which can lead to an increase in the recognition of your brand in the long run. However, they represent an expense for businesses since the monetary return is difficult to measure.

Free application development with in-app sales

In-app sales, or in-app purchases, are a marvelous way to make your free app profitable. The application is essentially free, since it can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play free of charge. Once the user downloads the app, he or she will be able to have full use of the application. However, there will be upgrades available at a very low cost. For example, a design application can offer extra tools such as textures, filters or fonts. Users are more open to purchasing low cost upgrades than to buying more expensive full applications from the get go.

The free application with in app purchases FWC designed for Ecuador Summits is a great example of how well this strategy can work. Ecuador Summits, a hiking specialized business, was looking for an app that provided customers with something different. FWC implemented their expertise in free application development and created an app which offered general information, tips, weather forecasts, climatic conditions, updated geographical information among other things, which would help hikers and climbers in more ways than just by giving them tools to fulfill their goals. The app also featured exclusive media content that was available to users as an in-app purchase. The success of the application was overwhelming.

Free application development is a great way to give something back to your customers and, if you add in-app purchases to the mix, free apps become a very advantageous, profit making tool.

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