Commercial Application Development

Smart-phones and tablets seem to be the present and future of communication. They have turned into the most sold communication devices ever. An average person is six times more likely to interact with a company through a smartphone than through a computer. So, if you want your business to grow, you must be interested in commercial application development.

Your business needs an application. It doesn't need it because the smartphone and tablet industries have grown in an insanely, and turned into the fastest growing industries in this day and age. Your business needs a commercial application because they have turned into tools which offer unlimited opportunities. With commercial application development not only can your company expand its services, but also find an unexplored dimension to relate with consumers, which means a whole new business opportunity.

A good commercial application development service allows businesses to save money on publicity while increasing their earnings as well. Working with the correct design team means building a mobile business around a service your business offers. It also means increasing brand awareness and brand recognition, as well as cementing a company's status as an updated and modern business.

Flat World Communication has been the developer of choice for many businesses around the world thanks to their 5 years of experience in mobile application development and 18 years of experience in graphic design. Their team of highly skilled professionals speaks two languages, English and Spanish, and can deliver design and development solutions efficiently for businesses around the world t due to the location of its offices in Miami, Buenos Aires, Bogotá and Dublin.

There are three types of Commercial Applications, and Flat World Communication has worked offering commercial application development services in all three areas:

Regular Commercial Mobile Applications

These apps resolve a need in the market for a specific area or business. People will pay for the app to simplify their tasks.

Internal Commercial Mobile Applications

These apps are used to sell a service to a client. For example, BUPA is a health insurance company FWC designed an internal use application for. The aim of this app was to solve paperwork issues that arose when insurance agents were filling up forms while interviewing applicants. After the development of this app, agents would fill up a form with their iPads and submit it immediately, saving precious time and avoiding mistakes thanks to the app's smart forms.

In-app purchases for Free Apps

In-app purchases are extremely clever ways to obtain earnings from a free application. They work as an upgrade that is much cheaper than a full application, which is why users are more likely to buy them.

The possibilities in the realm of commercial application development are varied. FWC can take your ideas and dreams and turn them into a fully functional commercial mobile application that will save you time, money and resources.

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