Medical Logo Design

Medical Logo Design for Laboratories
Ours has become a very visual world, we are bombarded with images on a daily basis, and we take more information from them than we are aware of. For a Laboratory or a Medical Center, its logo, which goes hand in hand with its corporate identity, is as important as a person's name and face. An effective medical corporate identity means a cohesive one, where the communication systems for the brand and its aesthetic look have become one solid, recognizable block.,
Flat World Communication is a 360 degrees agency with over 100 years of collective experience in developing brands and logos for the medical and pharma industry and creating or redefining corporate identities. Medical logo design and medical branding are some of our specialities - we handle everything from signage systems, patterns and corporate colors to corporate typeface and stationery design. We also make sure that the actual medical logo design is nothing short of extraordinary and becomes an identifiable identity within the medical and pharmaceutical community.

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Our Experience in Medical Logo Design

FWC has been the agency of choice for many medical centers and laboratories which have trusted us with their medical logo design due to our career in the medical graphic design field, our expertise and our impeccable work ethic. Our team of professionals in the graphic design field has extensive experience in creating brands from scratch, redesigning brands and rebranding medical institutions and pharmaceutical companies.

We have worked with extremely well known names in the medical and pharma industry such as Pfizer Labs, Glaxo Labs, Parke-Davis Labs, Bago Labs, Phoenix Labs and the American Healthcare Institute, among others.

Our Difference

As a 360 degrees agency, FWC can meet all of the client's communication needs in-house. Our team is made up of extremely talented and professional members: we work with designers, developers, writers, account managers, art directors, and creative directors so our clients will find a solution for any communication issue that may arise within their companies. Also, our main office is located in Miami, FL, with two more offices in Bogota and Buenos Aires, which offers our clients a completely bilingual and multicultural experience.

As regards our experience in the medical and pharmaceutical market, we have worked untiringly in the field since our inception as an agency almost 20 years ago.

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Medical Logo Design for Laboratories