Medical Graphic Design and Pharmaceutical Graphic Design

Graphic design has revolutionized the images and the designs of the products of nearly every market. The medical and pharmaceutical markets have not escaped the influence of graphic design; in fact, they have benefited greatly from it. Medical graphic design and pharmaceutical graphic design give a modern and polished appearance to any product or service and help the institution stand out as a reliable and professional laboratory or medical center.

Flat World Communication understands the challenges of medical graphic design and can turn any problematic situation into a stimulating project headed for success. We have been in the medical and pharmaceutical graphic design business for over 20 years and have worked with some of the biggest names in the industry achieving not only our client's goals but also ours.

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Medical Graphic Design

It is of the utmost importance for big and small medical centers alike to send clear messages to the wide variety of people they receive on a daily basis. Building signage and architectural graphics need to be understood by everyone while keeping an elegant aesthetic look, and envelopes, letterheads and stationery should also follow the same look for cohesion and easy brand recognition.

We have worked on very interesting and successful projects with the Mercy Hospital, Mount Sinai Medical Center, IDR Center, among others.

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Pharmaceutical Graphic Design

In pharmaceutical graphic design, the key is to have a profound knowledge of the complex internal and external communication processes of pharmaceutical companies. Also, the agency handling the design projects should be well aware of the different marketing approaches for OTC and BTC products and should have vast experience working with these two very dissimilar products.

FWC's team members have over 100 years of collective experience working with OTC and BTC products alike. We have carried out graphic design projects for labs such as Pfizer Labs, Glaxo Labs, Parke-Davis, Bago Labs, Phoenix Labs, among many others.

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