Medical Graphic Design for Laboratories

Graphic Design for Laboratories
Laboratories and Pharmaceutical companies have a very complex communication structure, both internal and external. It is not only important to bear in mind architectural graphics in critical security areas but also the way in which security measures are communicated to the staff members at the lab. The identity of the corporation is at risk of being compromised if the communication is not handled by professionals.

Flat World Communication has over 20 years of experience working with the pharma company. We specialize not only in internal communication but also in external communication or marketing communication. We have extensive experience in dealing with projects of brand awareness, media kit design for medical and pharmaceutical sales representatives, social media presence for labs, e-strategy and web integrity, among other projects we have undertaken with great success.

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Our Experience in Medical Graphic Design for Laboratories

We have been doing business in the pharmaceutical industry and working with medical graphic design for laboratories since the mid-90s. With its undeniable expertise, our team of professionals is more than capable of designing a project that will make your laboratory reach all of its goals.
As regards big names in the pharma industry, we have worked with both OTC and BTC products with labs such as Pfizer Labs, Glaxo Labs, Parke-Davis, Bago Labs, Phoenix Labs, among many others.

Our Difference

We are a unique agency not only in the way we conduct business but also in what we can offer your company in terms of experience and cultural variety.
We pride ourselves in our professionals - they offer solutions in medical graphic design for laboratories that are specifically designed for each client, for their own particular needs and wants and their own particular problems. The design process is so smooth thanks to the agency's 20 years of experience in the medical graphic design field, which will ensure your complete satisfaction with the final product.
As regards our cultural background, we are a team of professionals from all over North and South America, our team is bilingual and can undertake any project in either English or Spanish. Our main office is located in Miami, FL, but we also have offices in Buenos Aires and Bogota.

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Graphic Design for Laboratories