Medical E-Learning for Laboratories and Medical Institutions

Learning and staying up-to-date with the latest medical procedures and innovations is fundamental for every doctor and medical institution. By using Internet technologies, E-learning improves knowledge and performance. Through this platform, the courses are more effective since you save time (no commute) and space (classrooms are virtual). It enables you to be informed with the latest news and inventions in the medical industry without the need of travelling to another country for a few days and wasting time going from one place to another with all the complications this implies. E-learning is also called Web-based learning, online learning or Internet-based learning. There are two ways of E-learning: Distance learning and computer-assisted instruction and, while both offer tremendous advantages as opposed to regular learning, distance learning as proven to be the most effective e-learning method so far.

Flat World Communication, based in Miami, specializes in distance learning, which uses information technologies to deliver instruction to learners who are at distant locations from a central site. We have over 20 years of experience working on E-learning, especially Medical E-Learning. The company offers the whole development of the platform for E-learning: set up, configuration, and design. FWC also provides the development of the content of the course based on the content provided by the laboratory or medical institution.

Advantages of Medical E-learning

There are numerous benefits of using Medical E-learning in your professional life. By implementing this platform, your laboratory or medical institution can have a full report of the activities and the level of knowledge each doctor or institute acquires. You can obtain contact information, from the grades they achieve to the location from where they studied, their age, etc. Medical E-learning also allows you to target a larger audience than if you give the course in a certain location on a specific day and at a precise time and it also aids in lowering costs, since more people can access the same course at the same time. Every course gives certificates which can only be received by passing a final exam. Another advantage of Medical E-learning is that you can update the courses in a regular base with new information, images or any other data needed. Updates are fast, easy and hassle-free.

Medical E-learning allows a greater interactivity between users and includes accessibility to information, updated content, personalized instruction and standardized courses. Through E-learning you gain efficiency, motivation and flexibility in the learning process.

Our Experience in Medical E-learning

FWC has been building platforms and working on E-learning for the last 20 years. The company has created corporate identity systems for healthcare and laboratory institutes as well as corporate and commercial websites. Flat World Communication has offices in Miami, Dublin, Bogotá and Buenos Aires, and has developed a high number of Medical E-learning platforms for medical institutions and laboratories. Also for universities related to these areas such as the National Healthcare Institute (NHI), Millennia Atlantic University (MAU), Atlantic Biologicals and UnitDose Services.

Don't hesitate to contact us at FWC for a quote or in case you have doubts regarding Medical E-learning.