Medical Brochure Design

Medical Brochure DesignThe design of a brochure is, for a company, one of the most important graphic design challenges they will encounter in the road to success. There are more applications for a brochure than most companies can think of, and more types than many imagine. In the medical field, brochures range from flyers, diptych or bi-fold brochures, tri-fold brochures and booklets with several pages to annual reports.

Medical brochure design can enhance brand awareness and recognition, can be used for the promotion of product services and events, for internal communication purposes and for ensuring employee loyalty. Since medical brochure design is so specific, it is important for the medical center or laboratory to choose the correct agency for their designs.

Flat World Communication, with its 20 years of experience in medical brochure design and medical brand awareness campaigns, has proven to be the perfect agency for many laboratories and medical centers.

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FWC Medical Brochure Design Services

Experience in Medical Brochure Design

FWC's team has at least 100 years of collective experience working on brochure design for medical centers and brochure design for laboratories.

Outside of the medical field, we have worked with industrial companies, engineering companies, law firms and tourism companies like Oracle, Microsoft, AQUA NU, Calsa and Sun International Hotels, just to name a few. As regards the medical centers and laboratories we have worked with, some of our biggest clients have been the National Healthcare Institute, Parke-Davis, Pfizer, among others.

Our experience in brochure design has lead to our creating a fail-proof and time efficient design process. First, we meet with the client to gather all the information we can and to identify specific wants and needs, then we analyze the case and present two or three drafts for review; after deciding on the design line, we present the client with one final design followed by two or three reviews before the final arts are ready for printing. Our project flow allows for complete customer satisfaction while achieving the design goals of both parties.




FWC Miami Downtown OfficeOur Difference

What sets us aside from our competitors is not only our vast experience in medical brochure design but also the fact that we are a 360° agency with a complete team of experts such as web designers, graphic designers, writers, account managers and marketing experts.

Brochures have a limited space for information due to their size and format. With our expertise and our comprehensive team of professionals, your medical brochure design can evolve, for example, into a microsite or a website with downloadable material by simply adding a QR code. Anyone with a smart phone or mobile device will be able to scan that code and access the additional information on the website. With your goals and our expertise and ideas, the possibilities are limitless.

Last but not least, we work with several printing companies all across the US and we can either print a large number of brochures or print on demand. To ensure complete client satisfaction, we go in person to the printing company to check the quality of the printed material as one final quality check. Our clients have the freedom of choosing to work with the printing company they desire as we can also provide a PDF version of the brochure if required.

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