Graphic Design for Medical Centers

Medical graphic design for medical centers
Modern medical centers have a constant communicational challenge - they need to send clear messages to the wide variety of people that walk in their centers every day, from architectural graphics and building signage to envelopes and letterheads, the number of communication pieces that a person is exposed to at these medical centers is enormous, as is the responsibility of the institution to have all these design and communication pieces to send clear and understandable messages while respecting the corporate identity system of the Center.

Flat World Communication has over 20 years of experience working in creating these complex communication programs for Hospitals, Medical Centers, Clinics and Laboratories. The team of experts at FWC has over 100 years of collective experience in the field and has been working with multinational laboratories, big medical centers and small institutions to help them succeed in their communication efforts.

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Our Experience in Medical Graphic Design for Medical Centers

Flat World Communication works with a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals who have over 100 years of experience combined in the field of medical graphic design for hospitals and medical centers. Not only that, but they also have experience working with big pharmaceutical companies developing medical graphic design projects for both BTC and OTC products.

We have worked for medical centers such as the Mercy Hospital, Mount Sinai Medical Center, IDR Center, among others.

Our Difference

We are the best fit for your project in medical graphic design for medical centers because we have the experience, the drive and the professionalism to take your ideas, your vision, and turn them into something out of this world. What sets us aside from our competitors is that we offer not only a personalized medical graphic design project tailored specifically for each client, but also that we have incredible background experience to back up out claims.

Also, apart from having our main office in Miami, FL, we also have offices in Bogota and Buenos Aires, which allows us to offer English-Spanish bilingual services to the entire world.

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