Tourism internet marketing agency, based in Miami. With more than 20 years working on tourism marketing on the internet. SEO / SEM / PPC / Web Development / eCommerce / eMail Marketing are some our services.

Between our clients, we can mention the official tourism portal of the city of Westport in Ireland,  NAVIS Luxury Yachts, Panama Travel Corp and many others. Our service goes beyond internet marketing by offering a complete set of offline marketing services including branding, marketing, graphic design, editorial, video and photo productions all for the tourism industry.

Reaching customers is crucial for success in the tourism industry. Without a good tourism internet marketing strategy, even the best products and services will fail. Flat World Communication works closely with companies to create effective tourism Internet marketing strategies that increase online exposure and encourage customers to take action. Continue reading to learn more about how Flat World Communication can help your business succeed.


Tourism internet marketing expert

FWC expertise in Tourism Internet Marketing

Tourism is a great industry that moves big amounts of money all over the world every day. That´s one of the reasons travel agencies decided to reach out to customers through the Internet. Internet marketing for tourism is a powerful tool for promoting trips, discounts, last minute offers, and real time activities for clients.

What makes us different in digital Marketing:


1  20 years of experience in Tourism Internet Marketing.

2  Over 50 Tourism Websites Developed and managed.

3  Experience in:

    • Hotels online marketing
    • Tourism Social Media Marketing
    • Tourism eCommerce and Booking Systems Development
    • Tourism email marketing
    • PPC or Pay Per Click Campaigns
    • Tourism reMarketing
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Search Engine Marketing

4  Google Adwords Certified individuals in FWC Team for preparing PPC campaigns.

5  Tourism SEO experts and SEO strategist for tourism online campaigns.

6  Tourism Social Community Management, Reputation management.

7  eLearning development oriented to the Tourism Industry .

Tourism Internet Marketing Case Studies

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Internet marketing for tourism products is a huge opportunity to spread the word and realize the power of online marketing. Even when traditional marketing is quite similar in many ways, Internet marketing for tourism products provides a higher rate of exposure and, therefore, a higher visibility that promotes your company.

Flat World Communication can help your tourism business attract more customers who want to vacation in areas throughout the United States as well as other parts of the world. Whether you have vacation packages for Miami, Florida or you rent vacation homes in California, we can improve your chances of success.







The Tourism Internet Market

To understand the size of the Tourism Internet Market, it is essential to know a few numbers.

  •      There are over 1 billion tourists per year looking for destinations and activities.
  •      They spend over $163 billions on their vacations.
  •      Over 87% of them use the Internet to decide their vacations.
  •      What they look for in the Internet:
      •    45% are looking for trip ideas
      •    43% read reviews from other travelers
      •    31% watch travel videos to decide their destination
      •    24% read travel related blogs
      •    16% post reviews of their trip
      •    11% upload their trip videos
      •    11% comment travel reviews
      •    9% comment on travel related videos
      •    7% participate in travel blogs
  •     How Social Media influence in travelers. We know that 70% of them remain active on Facebook during their vacations.
      •    52% of travelers change their plans
      •    50% of the agencies analyzed say that direct booking was generated by Social Marketing Activities.
      •    33% change their hotel
      •    10% change their tourism agent
      •    7% travel to foreign countries
      •    5% change their main Airline
  •     85% of travelers use their mobile phone during vacations
  •     30% use their mobile phones to find hotels
  •     25% use their phone to find last minute flight deals
  •     15% have downloaded mobile apps for their trips

This information clearly shows how active the travelers are in the Internet, and how important it is for your company to investment in its online presence and marketing. Contact us and talk with one of our representative about tourism Internet marketing. We can analyze your case and create a strategic proposal for your tourism business.

Basically, the large amount of information that tourism agencies and offices have about possible destinations, packages, and tours fits easily in the Internet world. People use it because of its immensity and accessibility. Internet marketing for tourism products will improve positioning for all of your products while also making them more accessible.

For a complete source of statistics and information you can download from this link the "Compendium of Tourism Statistics", a free downloadable book from the World Tourism Organization Network

Tourism Internet marketing products, when strategically thought-out and developed, not only make all your commercial goals come true, but definitely help you know more about your customers by giving you a better way to communicate with them. You cannot overestimate the importance of communication in today's world.

At Flat World Communication, we provide Internet marketing for tourism products, placing your products or services in the Internet. Internet marketing is sometimes considered to have a broader scope not only because it refers to the Internet, e-mail, and wireless media, but because it also includes electronic customer relationship management.

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Web Design for Tourism Portals

If almost every industry can take advantage of internet resources nowadays, it wouldn’t be awkward to say that maybe the tourism industry is the one that does this most. As a fast paced business where products updates never stop and being always full of last minute ads, having a good, functional and client website design it’s almost a MUST for this industry.

With over 50 tourism websites developed, in FWC tourism design is one of our great areas of expertise, achieving already 20 years of experience in Tourism Internet Marketing. Experience in hotel marketing, communities tourism portals, advertising and online promotion travel, tourism eCommerce and booking systems development, tourism activity providers online marketing, tourism social community management, and much more are among our specialties. In FWC we will walk you through the process of turning your brand and business into a hot spot for clients looking forward to planning their next vacation or trip.

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