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FWC a Miami based Professional Brochure Design Company

Effective brochure design often has to incorporate a large number of factors into a single piece of paper. A brochure designer, therefore, has to consider all of the information that clients want to include in the pieces and come up with a creative, attractive and engaging solution for the new brochure design. Flat World Communication considers every factor that the client needs to include in their brochures, while our professional brochure designers, working closely with the client, create an affordable product that meets the specifications.

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Making Custom Brochure Designs

FWC experience in the creation, design and production of high quality and professionaly designed brochures made the company won several international award and be recognized for the quality if its graphic design service for markets so diversed like medical to retail or luxury products brochures.

The experience of our company in the creation of professional brochures is reflected in our Brochure Design Portfolio

Our services include:

  • Business Brochures Design
  • Annual Report Brochure Design
  • Exhibition Brochure Design
  • Magazine Style Brochure Design
  • Promotional Brochure Design
  • Fashion Brochure Design
  • Corporate Brochure Design
  • Campaign Brochure Design
  • Portfolio Brochure Design
For Custom Brochure Design contact "info at FlatWorldCommunication dot com"

FWC also offer the following services to our clients:

  • Copywriting
  • Professional Photography
  • Photo Retouching
  • Professional Illustration, including Medical  and technical illustration
  • Proofing
  • Printing and Production
For Custom Campaigns contact "info at FlatWorldCommunication dot com"


We know that the first step for a successful brochure design is to acquire as much information from the client as possible. During the design process, we participate the clients by asking them specific questions. This allows us to use the most effective copy for your brochures. It also means that we can pick out the type of paper, typeface, images, and layouts that work best for your project goal.

Brochure Design Options

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After gathering information from the client, we can complete the brochure design and printing production. The end result is a product that combines accurate information with eye-catching designs. When you want to reach a new customer base, this is one of the best approaches that you can take.

The advantage of using brochures is that you can provide a lot of information to potential clients without spending a lot of money on advertisements. Contact Flat World Communication today to learn about the brochure design services that we can offer you. You can either give us a call or complete our online quotation request form.

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In the following articles you will find additional information about our Professional Brochure Design Service for some specific Business areas.


Medical Custom Brochures

The creation of Medical Brochures is an important tool for the communication between the laboratory, the doctors and the patients, in Flat World Communication we offer Medical custom brochures designs - brochures that communicate clearly with the target audience enhancing the brand communication through a personalized design process.

Our Experience in Medical Custom Brochures

With almost 20 years of experience in the medical and pharmaceutical custom brochure design market, we have the ability to give you exactly what you are looking for in a medical custom brochure. We will place our expertise and professionalism at your service while providing you with a high-quality product. We have worked with very well-known companies such as Bago Labs, Phoenix Labs, Pfizer Labs, American Healthcare Institute, Atlantic Diagnostics, among many others.

Brochures design

Brochures desktop publishing and design

Creating brochures desktop publishing and design is not as easy as it seems. On the final work, creativity and good information to share should appear as a whole. But during the process, designers and clients must complete a total understanding about what it´s needed.

In this way, brochures desktop publishing and design can complete clients' goal. As this is different in every case, the purpose of maintaining an initial talk about the requirements and specific goal the brochure will accomplish.

Brochures for Law Firms

Brochures for Law Firms

Brochures for Law Firms and Legal Brochures in Miami FLOne of the most important ways of communicating with new customers and other professionals is by the creation of brochures for law firms. Their design requires picking the right colors, paper options, branding, sizes and formats.

As it won´t be a direct communication, we need to think about the message and image we want to give by the brochure. This business tool will recreate your company spirit as the properly designed brochures for law firms accomplish your needs by generating the right option.

By providing different styles of brochures for law firms, the team of professional graphic designers looks for the ideal choice. A brochure should be properly written, matching colors and typography, creating the right balance for its image, among other significant items.

Medical Brochures Design

Medical Brochures Design

Medical brochures are good ways of communicating your business. For medical brochures design it is important to combine content -meaning helpful information and facts- and images. The main idea about images is that they should be emotive but conserve equilibrium to cause a good impression. Also the color of the medical brochures is very important as they transmit a feeling to the viewer.

We need to consider that medical brochures will be used to show a service and to attract patients but also doctors. Designing medical brochures implies a challenge as it has to be, at the same time, original but also understanding the rules of the medical industry.

Effective medical brochures require understanding the industry but more importantly, understanding the specific client´s need, this type of medical brochures key elements for the pharma industry to communicate with the consumer, training him through the medical brochures pages about the benefist and uses of the product.

The team of medical brochures designers at FWC have years of experience besigning medical graphic design pieces that includes medical brochures, medical presentations, medical animatios and more, contact FWC for a fre consultation about your medical brochures.

For more information give us a call or complete our online quotation request form.

Engineering Brochure

Engineering Brochure - Creation of Engineering Brochures

For the last 20 years FWC had been creating and designing Engineering Brochures for Engineering Consulting companies in USA and the world, created by the experienced profesional design team at FWC the Engineering Brochure Design is a state of the art communication piece that represent the brand identity of the company delivering at the same time a clear message in an outstanding graphic design.