Packaging Design

For the last 20 years FWC had been creating, designing and producing unique Packaging Design for a broad line of products, from food packaging, toys and kids games packages, to medical packaging for laboratories.

FWC had been awarded several times with international recognitions for the quality of its creative and design work, contact us for a free consultation about your next product pack.


Product packaging design

Product packaging design works as a guarantee in two ways: on one side, it protects your product from any damage that could suffer. On the other, it acts like the visible face for customers. In this sense, the design must be personalized, according to each product. It's like a window customers have for your product and that is the importance that it should be given to it.

Packaging is integrated to the whole marketing process and it's in this sense that it should be thought. Designers focuse on the products' image as well as other features that can be required.

As part of the process of product packaging design it's a must to understand that our main goal is to enhance the brand or product. The question should be how. By promoting this process of designing we'll leverage them and creating a sustainable exposure to the public. Also, we'll create a perfect link between the distributor and our client.

Food packaging design

Food Packaging Design

Food packaging and design involves a process of deliberation and planning for taking out the most of the possibilities. Food in its wide variety is a different good to treat with.

Why is it different? Because it requires an special focus when it comes to conservation or protection and required information about the product. Also finding a good way of showing all that elements are vital to food packaging and design.

Food packaging and design by FWC

Apart from that needs, food packaging and design´s way should understand that marketing is an essential point to sell the goods. Creating an attractive packaging that appeals customers should be integrated to the whole process.

In Flat World Communication, we offer you Food packaging and design, including the process of design, evaluation, and production of packages. Packaging can be described as a coordinated system of preparing goods for transport, warehousing, logistics, sale, and end use.

Food packaging graphic design

Food Packaging Graphic Design

Food packaging graphic design requires a combination of skills. On one hand, professional food packaging specialists need to know how to create designs that coordinate with the client's branding strategy. On the other hand, food package design must contain important information about the food's ingredients and nutrition.

The Importance of Professional Food Packaging Design

In most cases, the type of food packaging graphic design that a company uses can have a significant impact on whether a product sells successfully. The most successful products incorporate elements of good design, environmentally friendly packaging for food and drink, and important information that helps consumers make good decisions. Our designers also consider what types of protection your food items will need to preserve them during shipment and on the grocery shelf. The fresher your product is, the more consumers will enjoy it.

The food packaging graphic design experts at Flat World Communication approach each project by first gaining a deep understanding of the product. This allows them to create professional designs that will capture the target market with an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Whether making custom plastic small food packaging or eco friendly food packaging, they always start by studying the product.

Retail Packaging Box Design

Retail Packaging Box Design

Packaging box design is a fine art that combines not only the most professional graphic design skills but also expertise in the retail box design field. Consumers often associate a particular brand to its colors, its logo design and its packaging, so packaging box design is more than just finding a color scheme that works and coming up with creative package design – it has to do with brand development and brad recognition.

Flat World Communication has been in the graphic design business for almost 20 years and has evolved into an award winning 360° agency which has a lot of experience in retail packaging box design. We have created not only effective box designs but businesses around each product, which exponentially increases a company's exposure to its customers and its possibilities of growth.

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Our Experience in Packaging Box Design