Engineering Web Design and Intranets

Your website provides an online face for your business. Not having a website means you do not exist in the online world and you will lose all the benefits that come with it. Engineering Web design, with comprises the development of online business portals, corporate Web Portals and Intranets is fundamental for your engineering company to increase its brand recognition and become as successful as it can be.

A website is accessible globally, which means that any person in the world can reach it no matter their location or their time zone. A powerful Internet presence is vital for your corporate identity and functional and modern Web design will place you a step closer to achieving it. Through a regularly updated website, current events, latest news, photos, videos, services, and plenty of other features will become more accessible to your audience.

In the technical field, developing a distinctive and creative online brand isn't easy. You need to communicate your expertise targeting a specific niche and a certain audience while transmitting your company's mission, vision and values effectively. An outstanding engineering Web design will give you an online identity specially designed to portray professionalism and to separate you from your competitors.

Flat World Communication has been carrying out ingenious and functional engineering Web design projects for almost 20 years.

Our experience in Engineering Web design

In 1995, Flat World Communication created its first Web design. Five years later, FWC was already working with dynamic web portals and won a major award that was given by Yahoo: Best News Site of Latin America. Since then, we've been working with dozens of clients from countries all over the world, mostly from the USA, England and Australia.

Flat World Communication has also developed the corporate communications portals for McDonald's in Latin America and the SMAX portal in Spain for Ford Motor Company. Our company has worked designing web sites for other giants of the industry like Phoenix Labs, Pentax Medical, Atlantic Diagnostics, City Furniture and Multiface Engineering.

By being your engineering Web design provider, FWC can provide your company with a different and direct communication channel that allows you to talk with existing and potential customers, share pictures and videos, and consequently raise brand awareness.

Our difference in Engineering Web design

Flat World Communication has developed over their many years of experience a great team of professionals which specialize in engineering Web design. They have the knowledge and tools you need to create a high quality engineering website which will be crucial in the expansion and improvement of any brand or business.

FWC also has experience in the following technologies: PHP, My SQL, Open Source CMS, Moodle, MS Share Point and Magento/Magento Enterprise. Being able to work with these technologies allows us to offer you superior engineering Web design capabilities which will make your engineering company raise its brand awareness and brand recognition.

When it comes to website design, Flat World Communication has the capability to design a website which can be practical while establishing a communication channel between engineers, final end users and the community affected by the project. Our Web design is not only attractive for the receptor - it is also functional and convenient for your company's objectives.

Engineering Web design: Intranet

Intranet refers to the network within an organization. It is similar to the Internet but it is established for one separate group of users and has security so that others outside the group do not have access to its contents. It can help users to locate, view and share information faster.

The Intranet is useful when developing a new engineering project because it improves communication. It is quick, easy and a low-cost implement. Intranet increases collaboration and coordination, and provides an extra channel of communication for employees and employers to keep in contact and updated.

This channel of communications promotes the sharing of knowledge and ideas and provides a reliable access to your company's private information.

Contact us at FWC to learn more about how we can help your business succeed by creating an attractive, functional and updated engineering Web design.