Engineering Graphic Design

The engineering design industry is demanding Engineering Graphic Design in order to present their new projects and services in an increasingly professional way so as to achieve the best possible business results. Graphic Design can be defined as the "art of using design elements to create an effect or convey information". Graphic Design is fundamental in order to advertise current or future projects and attract clients and investors to your brand. Through graphic design you give your company a recognizable face and a visual presentation.

Engineering Graphic Design is not an expense, it is an investment. It takes a great amount of skills to develop an efficient design and not everyone can do it, that is why it is of the utmost importance to work with the very best in the field. Through an intelligent and well done graphic design, you will improve your branding strategy. Graphic Design must not only be the result of ideas, logos, colors and shapes but the consequence of these items derived from a motive, mission, strategy, market position, product design and corporate culture of the company.

Our experience in Engineering Graphic Design

Since our beginning we have been working in the Engineering Graphic Design market offering our clients brochures (bi-fold, tri-fold and reports), presentations (project press, Power Points, animations, movies and all the elements you need to communicate a process or achievement of a project), branding (corporate identity), infographics (graphic charts explaining the process of a project and statistics) and annual reports.

Flat World Communication, located in Miami, has vast experience in working with many multinational companies like Phoenix, Glaxo Labs, IDB and Multiface Engineering.

Our difference in Engineering Graphic Design

Flat World Communication has a team of professionals who are creative and passionate about getting your unique message across to raise brand awareness and gain brand recognition. With almost 20 years of experience, this Miami-based agency has all the tools you require to create an outstanding design.

Our professionals have all the knowledge that is needed to analyze the engineering market, your competitors, identify the niche and produce Engineering Graphic Designs according to your target audience. Planning a strategy with clear goals is not as easy as it sounds, it involves many areas of your company, but we are prepared to offer you the best service.

At Flat World Communication, we take care of our clients' designs while helping them grow, succeed and establish a corporate identity. As regards the agency's offices, we cover most of the continent with offices in Miami, FL, Bogota and Buenos Aires.

Don't hesitate to contact us at FWC for more information on Engineering Graphic Design or for a quote.

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