Engineering Design

The world of an engineer revolves around precise figures, complex calculations and project deadlines. On the contrary, designers spend their days drafting and re-drafting ideas, searching for inspiration, trying out techniques or researching. Both professions, however, have a strong creative component which becomes key for the success of any engineering or design project.

Engineers feel the most comfortable when working with numbers, detailed budgets and technically superior solutions, but face a difficult challenge when communicating their project to the different types of audiences they usually work with. Their work must be combined with strong marketing and communication skills in order to get better results. Who better than a designer to provide engineers with these skills? Modern design has branched into engineering design in order to provide engineers and engineering firms with solutions to their communicational difficulties.

A new engineering project implies uncertainty and risks, whether it's developing a new technology or implementing existing ones, the development of the project must be well communicated to all the parties involved in order to avoid problematic situations that might arise. Numbers, information, photos and videos about the project must be presented in a clear way not only to clients, but also to governments, the media, and people who will be affected by this new engineering project.

Flat World Communication is an agency based in Miami which offers professional and unique solutions in design for engineering projects.


Our experience in Engineering Design

Flat World Communication has been working in the engineering market for 18 years with many multinational companies like DiCasa, Abertis, Dragados, PĂ©rez Companc, Multiface Engineering, Gefran Italy, Sistemas Urbanos and IDB. We also have experience in medical engineering design and have worked with companies like Pentax Medical, Atlantis Biologicals, Atlantis Diagnostics, Phoenix Labs and Glaxo Labs.

We have experience in:


  • Engineering Marketing


  • Engineering Presentation Design
  • Engineering Web Design
  • Engineering Videos
  • Engineering Graphic Design
  • Engineering Brochure Design
  • Engineering Branding

Working with an agency knowledgeable in Engineering Design is important for your company since marketing and social communication have become a vital part of brand awareness and brand recognition.

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Engeneering Design