Engineering Branding

The American Marketing Association (AMA) defines a brand as a "name, term, sign, symbol or design, or a combination of them intended to identify the goods and services of one seller and differentiate them from those of other sellers". Even if the definition is correct, the AMA fails to express the utter importance of an appropriately carried out branding strategy. Engineers must know that building a brand is as important as recruiting the right people, checking your balance sheets, developing your product or service and analyzing technical matters. And that is where Engineering Branding comes into play.

Branding is a long-term investment which is reflected visually via the logo and company design elements. The logo of a company is one of the most precise ways to express the personality and image of a business. Engineering companies do have a personality and values which need to be transmitted through engineering branding in order to create a smart, clear and successful corporate identity. It's essential for engineering companies to spend time researching, defining and building a brand. Flat World Communication, with a main office located in Miami, has the experience and tools to help you achieve a successful engineering branding strategy according to your line of work and particular objectives.

The brand is the soul of a business, the core of its essence. Engineering branding can aid your business in achieving a cohesive identity. The brand encloses every area of your company and that's why it must be given the importance it requires.


Our experience in Engineering Branding

Engineering branding is useful to set yourself apart from your competitors. Differentiation is crucial to be successful in what you do. A good brand confirms your credibility, delivers a message clearly, motivates the buyer and raises brand awareness.
FWC has been working in Engineering Branding for almost 20 years with multinational companies such as Phoenix Labs and Glaxo Labs. Our branding strategy is complete and includes many key aspects like company name, logo, or slogan; company letterhead, company forms, web sites and marketing material.

Our difference in Engineering Branding

Flat World Communication works on Engineering Branding and focuses on giving your company an image and an identity which is coherent with your engineering projects and target audiences. Through your brand you communicate a message about your business, your values and the products or services you sell. First impressions are important, and there is no second chance to create such a long-lasting impression.

Our team of experts is well aware of the importance of branding for your engineering company and that's why they are the best team to work with. They know how to help you build an effective corporate identity through brand building. This will not only unify your business with your clients, it will also reinforce links between employees and employers.

Apart from its main office in Miami, Florida, FWC has offices in Buenos Aires, Bogotá and Dublin. The team in each location is 100% English-Spanish bilingual.

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