Elearning companies in Miami, FL

Elearning companies in Miami, FL

Technology crawled its way into areas related to knowledge. Learning and using technologies aren't different things. It has been almost two decades since companies started using E-learning platforms but the potential of these platforms has increased exponentially in the past few years. Elearning companies have become a useful and tested method for gaining and sharing knowledge.

Are you looking for elearning companies in Florida?

FWC is an award wining agency based in Miami, Florida. With over 12 years of experience developing elearning solutions and courses for educational institutions in more that five countries, our company is one of the most experienced learning companies in the region.


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We invite you to know more about our company and the elearning solutions we offer.

FWC open its door for the first time in 1995, since then with the launch of our first website in the same 1995, FWC communication had stablished a solid position in the online communication market.

By the year 2003 we build a team with the main purpose of working in the learning field, not only in the development phase but also with expertise in the graphic design of user interphase and courses creation, design and production.

During this 20 years we created and we maintain several universities and schools in the United States, UK and Australia. We created comercial elearning platforms in Spain and we created online training courses for companies and governments in more than 5 different countries.

The following gallery shows just a few samples of our work in the elearning field

FWC approach for small to large elearning projects.

Our team structure offer us the possibility to work with the same level of quality in small or large online education projects. Also our experience give us the knowledge to correctly develop a small school elearning platform, or a training system that will make the hiring company reduce the employee training expenses by over 60%.

In Flat World Communication we know exactly how to help you. We offer Elearning Development for products specifically tailored to the client's needs; our team is in charge of the creation of online or Web-based learning and has given many elearning solutions to all sorts of big and small businesses.

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FWC elearning development services

  1. Market Competitive AnalysisResearch, analysis and strategic planing for the product in the target market
  2. Creativity & DesignCreation and design of the identity for the new elearning platform
  3. Implementation & DevelopmentDevelopment of the new LMS and implementation of the strategy planed
  4. DeploymentDeployment of the new elearning portal in test and production servers
  5. SupportExtensive after deployment support service

FWC Elearning Clients

McDonaldsMexicoNHIMillennia Atlantic University - ElearningSchoolfort SchoolPathfinder EDUAAAtuitionTravelview University