Corporate Identity and Brand Building services

FWC is an awarded Corporate Identity Design and Brand Building Design company in Miami with more than 20 years designing for clients in the United States, Latin America and Europe.

Having a personality, a persona, is one of the basic features of a company. When setting up a new venture, shaping a Corporate Identity is the strongest point to achieve. It will not only help creating a corporate culture for your company or product, but it will strengthen the group of people working there. Internal and external positions unifies the entire company and pursues to strengthen the personality.

The Corporate Identity and Brand Building services offered by FWC, defines the characteristic points related to visual communication, culture and design. In this way, designing a good logo, with its colors and shapes, unifies the main concept of the brand and a good image. But it is not only that.

Branding means finding a good name that understands the core values of the company, developing a visual strategy so that the perception you aim to get is the one you are getting.


Corporate Identity Design:

Each corporate identity designer at FWC has passed for years of formation and he or she had been part of numerous design teams managing and creating top brands of the world. We guarantee our quality in creating new brands for the world.

At FWC we understand todays need in terms of corporate identities and design of logos, we know that sometimes a company don't have the need to run a full corporate identity program to test one product or a new project in the market. Because of this we offer a wide range of possibilities to our clients, sometimes a quick logo is needed just to present an idea in the company, other times you are running a small market test just to see what people say about your service or product in a specific location before going with the full production, marketing and design. And sometimes you need just to be at the top, over all your competitors around the world and you need the best possible Corporate Identity for your company. No matter your need, we are experts in brands and identities we can help you and follow with you all the process, starting with simple ideas, presentations, focus groups, market research, Corporate identity design, implementation, till the full production of a new Corporate Identity.


Providing, meaning to a mass of unrelated needs, ideas, words and pictures – it is the designer’s job to select and fit this material together and make it interesting.

Paul Rand


Brand Building Services

Most of our clients not only need a Corporate Identity, also they need to create all the brands that run below the corporate identity umbrella. Doing our over 20 years in business we been working with numerous laboratories which they manage large amounts of brands, we worked with engineering companies where each project need a specific brand and we worked in the tourism industry where hotels, or yachts, or event cities need their own identity. We helped all this companies in building their new brands maintaining a strong corporate identity, that iconic element that maintain hole corporation identity strong and solid.

In the following gallery you will see some of our latest brands created during the last year, we look forward to meet you nd talk about your new Identity or brand. Contact us by clicking here.