Viral injection advertising

Viral advertising

Viral injection advertising is a useful technique to develop your brand awareness. It is as effective as any other form of advertising strategies, the main difference being that it uses social media channels to spread the word and connect future customers with your brand or product.

Viral injection advertising is a cheaper method compared to other media forms like radio, print or television and that is why many companies use it in their marketing strategies. Apart from that, viral injection advertising, if used correctly, brings a great amount of exposure, although it isn´t a question of just creating visibility but to be able to produce a communication bond with our customers and make them feel like they are engaged to our product or brand.

Viral injection advertising must be carefully designed, as there´s a subtle line between creating a viral plan and simply spamming our customers. For this purpose, a suitable personalized strategy must be created for each case.

If you're seeking to update your brand, product or company in Flat World Communication we can help you design a viral injection advertising program according to your needs, providing different plan for each of our clients.