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Engineering Brochure - Creation and design of Engineering Brochures

For the last 20 years FWC had been creating and designing  Engineering Brochures for Engineering Consulting companies in USA and the world, created by the experienced profesional design team at FWC the Engineering Brochure Design is a state of the art communication piece that represent the brand identity of the company delivering at the same time a clear message in an outstanding graphic design.

Flat World Communication graphic design services for engineering companies include:

  •  Projects Branding
  •  Projects presentation
  •  Projects video productions
  •  Projects 3D Animations
  •  Projects 3D Renderings
  •  Projects 2D Animation
  •  Projects Photography
  •  Projects Models
  • Projects events material ( Stands, Displays, Portable popup displays)
  • Projects Brochures and books
  • Projects Websites
  • Projects Marketing Campaigns
  • Projects Infographics

The creation of an Engineering Brochure

Every Engineering Brochure designed and produce by FWC is consider unique, the design process start with several meetings with the client to understand exactly the need and the market, after this meetings the marketing team at FWC will run a market research to identify the competition and the communication efforts of this Engineering Consulting Companies to plan a strategy to gain the market share, with this information and together with the client the strategy is set and the design and copywriting team start their work.

A set of three unique proposals of the new Engineering Brochure or Engineering Project Marketing Plan are presented to the client, one design is approve and the artists will continue the work on that line, the art team will coordinate if needed photo sessions, illustrations or info graphics for the brochure, when all is ready and before going to press the quality team at FWC will check all the details and give the final approval of the piece final arts and send them to the printer.

The printed Engineering Brochures will be shipped to the client location.

All this process can take from 15 days to more than a month depending on the complexity of the brochure, three fold brochures to 80 pages books can be designed and printed, there are no limits to the creativity of FWC design team specially on Engineering Consulting Brochures, you can request special designs and materials.


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Engineering Brochure Design

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